David Biller has covered Brazil's economy and government in the run-up to the World Cup, elections and the Olympics.  Below are links to some of his work for Bloomberg News, organized into three coverage areas:  World Cup, Olympics & Rio de Janeiro;  The Real Economy; Government, Politics and the 2014 Election.

World Cup, Olympics & Rio de Janeiro:

Head Shaved, Ex-Billionaire Batista Jailed in Rio de Janeiro - 1/30/17
"I’m coming back to face justice, as is my duty. It’s time to help clear things up.” 

Rio Gives Up on Olympic Pledge as Bay Clean-Up Workers Fired - 12/16/16
Of all the pledges to win Olympics hosting rights, ceasing the torrents of raw sewage into its postcard bay became one of Rio’s most high-profile legacy projects, and its most glaring failure.

Rio's Christ Statue Asking for Alms Amid Recession - 12/8/16
It’s survived decades of wind, rain and lightning strikes, but now Brazil’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue is suffering from the same elemental problem as the rest of the country: a lack of cash.

Brazil's 'Iron Lady' Shares Penthouse as State Lender Downsizes - 11/28/16
Bastos, 59, tore down walls and made space for the company’s board. She and her roommates moved in last month.

Brazil Police Clash With Rio Austerity Protesters - 11/16/16
Police wearing riot gear used tear gas to repel the protesters, many of whom carried banners from the state’s public sector unions.

io's Drug Gangs, Squeezed by Recession, Go on Hijacking Spree - 10/28/16
The hijackers, in well-practiced precision, disabled the truck’s tracking system, trained their rifles on the driver and ordered him to follow them...

Coca-Cola Scores on Olympic Boulevard Where Slave Past Sidelined - 8/20/16
The Valongo Quay, a recently-excavated site where more slaves made landfall than any other port in the Americas, was empty. Partly because there were no signs to direct tourists.

'A Golfcart Almost Hit Me': Dilsabled Fans Say Olympics Fell Short - 8/17/16
Getting to Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic venues hasn’t been easy for most spectators. It’s been even harder for people with disabilities.

Olympic Sponsors Want Nothing to do With Team USA Shooters - 8/12/16
“The big mystery is how someone like Kim isn’t part of the Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and the Olympics sponsor push.’’

No-Shows, Long Lines Mean Some Seats Stay Empty at Rio Olympics - 8/11/16
Blocks of seats have been empty even at some of the most popular events such as the women’s gymnastics team finals on Tuesday at the Olympic Park, where the U.S. clinched gold.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Puts Brazil Cash Crunch on Display - 8/5/16
Ceremony organizers had to make do with a budget that’s a fraction of the amount spent by 2012 Olympics host London. It wasn’t enough; they needed eleventh-hour government funds to make ends meet, breaking Rio 2016’s long-held promise...

Blunders and Political Hangover Damp Brazil's Olympic Mood - 8/4/16
Images of the scantily-clad man -- who sported a leopard-printed thong with the words “Out With Temer” written on his backside -- went viral in Brazil and became the latest in a series of snafus plaguing the host nation... 

Google Wants to Invite You on a Walking Tour of Rio's Slums - 7/29/16
Bringing Street View to Rio’s favelas is the latest in digital cartography for a large segment of the population whose visibility has been limited.

Brazil Beefing Up Rio Olympic Security After France Attack - 7/15/16
“We need to audit our plans to see if there are any gaps that, for some reason, might have escaped our attention.” 

Rio de Janeiro Fire Sale Starts With Governor’s Island Mansion
- 7/13/16
“It’s Fantasy Island... It’s the product of a fertile imagination -- unique and eccentric.’’

Welcome, Olympic Tourists, to Brazil. Please Don’t Mind the Mess  - 6/13/16
“We’re unable to maintain essential services like police and health. That’s what defines the health of a society.”

Sewage-Stained Rio Olympics Revive Brazil's Privatization Dreams - 6/6/16
For the new government of President Michel Temer, which has taken over while Rousseff faces an impeachment trial, the sludge represents an opportunity -- to press for privatization in a state-heavy economy.

Rio Rebuffs Concern on Olympic Metro, Needs More Funds
  - 2/24/16
“It’s not the time to lose focus. We’re in the final sprint...”  

Mayor Bets Big on Rio de Janeiro's Broken-Down Port Area - 2/20/15
Marcos Vieira had a front-row seat for the biggest piece of Rio de Janeiro’s pre-Olympic facelift: razing the elevated highway that ran past his office. He now has a clear view of the cruise ships pulling into port...

Petrobras Scandal Meets Carnival; Let the Mocking Begin - 2/12/15
Amid a sea of fairies, Wonder Women and beer-bellied cross-dressers in full Rio de Janeiro Carnival mode, one reveler stands out. He wears a white shirt bearing the word “Carwash” but rendered in the style of the green logo of Petroleo Brasileiro SA, the state-run oil company...

Brazilians Stage Protests and Strikes With World Cup Weeks Away - 5/16/14
A police strike in Brazil’s northeast and protests in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo last night marked what social movements said was the start of nationwide demonstrations four weeks before the World Cup....

Endless World Cup ATM Search Shows Disconnected Banks - 5/12/14
World Cup visitors in Brazil who need a little cash might find themselves visiting one ATM -- and then another, and then another...

Headed to Rio World Cup? Leave the Gold Necklace at Home - 5/3/14
The two boys had knives. So Carlos Guzman handed over his wedding ring, iPhone and wallet. What really galled him was that the police said they knew where one of the boys lived, yet took no action...

Brazil World Cup Sponsors Seek Assurance on Street Protests - 4/25/14
World Cup soccer sponsors are asking the Brazilian government how it will deal with street protests that might erupt during this year’s tournament...

Rio Police Seize Favela as Crime Rises Ahead of World Cup - 3/13/14
Rio de Janeiro state’s security forces occupied another slum today following a surge in crime in the favelas where it has expanded policing. Heavily armed police moved into the Vila Kennedy neighborhood... 

Apple to Sell iPhone at Costliest $1,174 in Brazilian Debut - 2/14/14
Apple Inc. will open its first Latin America store tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, featuring the highest-priced iPhone of all nations...

Pope 'for the Poor' Tells Rio Slum Not to Despair on Graft - 7/25/13
Pope Francis visited a slum in Rio de Janeiro today in the wake of Brazil’s biggest protests in two decades that called for an end to corruption and proper use of public funds to improve basic services...

Pope Francis Starts Rio Trip to Get More Youth in Pews - 7/22/13
Pope Francis began his first trip abroad with an open-air drive through Rio de Janeiro’s historic center as throngs on the streets screamed, waved and jockeyed for a view of the Roman Catholic Church’s leader....

Brazil Protests Take Aim at Billionaire Batista Stadium Lease - 6/28/13
Protesters who have paralyzed Brazil’s cities for the past three weeks are being joined by a group taking aim at billionaire Eike Batista as they try to upstage this weekend’s final of soccer’s Confederations Cup...

A member of Brazil’s team that won the 2002 World Cup, Rivaldo Ferreira, took to Twitter this week to support protesters who say the 30 billion reais ($13.3 billion) being spent on next year’s tournament should go to social services...

Messi With a Mohawk Lures Brazil's Richest Man to World Cup Gold - 10/25/12
Brazilian soccer phenom Neymar curled a shot inside the near post and leaped into the air. The goal that helped his Santos team win the 2011 South American club championship wowed five executives from Japanese video game company Konami Corp., who were in the stands...

The Real Economy:

Here's Why Brazil's Inflation Won't Hit Target Anytime Soon
- 1/12/16
Why does Brazil's inflation stay so stubbornly high despite even more interest-rate hikes in the horizon? The one-word answer is indexation.

World's Worst Currency Rout Turns Norway Prince Into Fish Monger- 11/17/15
A man in a trim, navy suit carried a tray of grilled cod with sliced olives and handed out the nibbles to shoppers. The tasting wouldn’t be so out of the ordinary if it weren’t for the identity of this fishmonger: The crown prince of Norway...

In Top-Secret Brazil Vaults, Diamonds Are Evidence of a Downturn - 9/21/15
Scattered across southern Brazil, three clandestine buildings brimming with gold and diamonds are a testament to the nation’s troubled times...

A New York Pizza Man's Brazil Nightmare and the Mess it Exposed - 7/7/15
Sei Shiroma is, frankly, a tiny player in Brazil’s $2 trillion economy. A 29-year-old immigrant from New York, he runs a pizzeria out of the ground floor of an old apartment building near downtown Rio de Janeiro...

Here's What Latin America's Sharp Slowdown Means for the U.S. - 6/30/15
As the world nervously watches the Greek debt talks break down, there's another corner of the planet that's struggling...

Brazil's Massive Corruption Scandal is Rocking Once-Superstar Economy- 5/19/15
Some overlooked ways in which Operation Carwash is affecting what was once a developing-world darling...

Rousseff Bedrock Turns to Quicksand as Brazil Job Loss Rises - 3/11/15
Luciano Neri, an unemployed former shipyard worker who backed Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff for a second term, now second-guesses his vote. Having lost his job last month, he’s taking a course to become a bus driver...

Petrobras, $262 Billion Poorer, Exposes Busted Brazil Dream - 2/4/15
Today the company epitomizes everything that is wrong with a Brazilian economy that has been sputtering for the better part of four years...

Brazil Beautician’s Dream Shows Low Jobless Paradox - 12/20/14
Monica Werneck and her husband bought a rat-infested “dump” on the edge of a Rio de Janeiro slum in 2012. They built a beauty salon that opened last week...

Crazy Prices Spawn ‘Surreal’ Currency as Rio Residents Flip
 - 1/30/14
Making its rounds on social media is a mock change to Brazil's real: Salvador Dali’s face emblazoned on the currency and renamed the “surreal.” It started with a joke...

Government, Politics and 2014 Election:

Brazil’s New Club Is All Boys and They’re Running the Show - 5/13/16
'Brazil’s new leader, Michel Temer, seeking to unite a splintered nation, has selected a cabinet of ministers from across this sprawling country -- young, old, northerners, southerners. But of some two dozen named so far, all are men and none are black...'

The Man Who Will Decide Brazil's Fate Wants Something in Return - 10/29/15
"He has the trump card, which is the impeachment, but he’s a prisoner of that trump card...”

More Than a Million Hit Brazil Streets to Protest Rousseff - 3/15/15
"They can't disqualify the size of this protest...''

A Bumper Sticker, a Mob, and a Polarized Brazil Post-Vote - 11/9/14
A mob surrounded his car, which displayed five pro-Rousseff stickers, and started pounding on it. A window shattered, and his daughter began to wail...

Rousseff Re-Elected on Call to Save Brazil's Social Gains - 10/16/14
Brazil’s re-elected President Dilma Rousseff promised “great changes” in her second term, starting with a plebiscite on political reform and open dialog with her critics, after winning the country’s top job by the tightest margin since at least 1945...

Brazil Presidential Candidate Campos Dies in Plane Crash - 8/13/14
The death of Campos upends the presidential election 53 days before Brazilians go to the ballot boxes...

World Cup Tests Rousseff And Brazil’s Stars as Vote Nears - 5/15/14
The World Cup won’t only decide the planet’s best soccer team. The big spectacle’s success or failure will also help determine who’s going to govern Brazil... 

Rousseff Debuts at Davos to Assure Investors She Had Spurned - 1/21/14
Two years ago, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff spurned the World Economic Forum to attend an anti-capitalist conference and visit Cuba. This week, she’ll be front and center when the global financial elite gather at Davos in the Swiss Alps... 

Brazil’s New Club Is All Boys and They’re Running the Show